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The Launch of Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Samsung Galaxy Note8 Unpacked

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So, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 got launched. It was explosive, to say the least. No folding screens yet. But there were many things to look forward to. Personally, the Galaxy Note is the phone for me. I had the Note 2 for a while, then the upgraded to the Note 5. Skipped the whole exploding saga, but I am now really looking forward to the Note 8.

Videos courtesy: Samsung and Verge

Take a look for yourself and get excited…

What makes the Note and Note is its stylus aka S Pen, this year though the big story was the edge to edge screen called the Infinity Display. Giving you a cinematic experience unlike any other. Check out the hands on video of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

And finally check out the launch event and check out the awesome stage, I could not believe the animation they pulled off on the stage. The Samsung Dex another feature that I really liked, basically it gives you the flexibility of converting your phone into desktop and continue your mobile games but on a bigger screen.

Another thing that caught my attention was the features packed into the camera. The Dual photo feature allows you to take a portrait and convert it into a wide angle shot on the fly. What it does is it takes 2 photos, one is the portrait and the second one is the wide angle and you can adjust the blurring of the background in real time.

I will be doing follow up articles on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, one will definitely be on the S Pen, other than that you got the new camera, the Samsung Dex, Launch and Pricing information. Also, do check out my round of the Apple Launch event of iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, Apple Watch and TV.