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Bento Cafe spreads its charm with Asian delicacies

A Bento is a single-portion meal, don't worry their servings are huge

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Bento (弁当 bentō?) as the worldly-wise Wikipedia says – is a single-portion takeout or home-packed meal common in Japanese cuisine.

The Bento Cafe – pretty much along similar lines gives us a variety of oriental dishes in a Bento Box. Keeping its authenticity intact, this does not fall under the category of “cheap Chinese meal”.  Thank God for that !! A beautifully designed menu will put any lingering doubts to bed.

bento cafe

The very first day this outlet opened, I happened to be there in the new DLF mall of India, Noida and I so clearly remember a very busy food outlet with chirpy staff and an extremely enthusiastic young woman Vandana who invited us to check out their offerings…That memory is still so clear in my mind as we seldom find wide smiles and informed people over the counter in new food outlets. She was well spoken and took us through the procedure to choose the right Bento as per our tastes and preferences.

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So how do you choose your bento? It is a very simple process. Choose a bento with 3 or 5 options. The Bento 3 gives you a choice of (Hero + base + Salad ) — Rice or noodles + Main Course + A salad and attack!

The 5 option Bento offers – Hero + Base + Salad + Bite + Drink  — the additional choices of a starter and a drink, in addition to the three options already on the table.

Try the flat noodles when you opt for your carb..it is delicious and spicy and gives a nice enhanced taste to your bento. The main course options are several which included Prawns, Fish, Chicken, Duck, Crabs, Lamb & Pork for Non-Veg eaters and a host of Veg dishes. You can choose your starter and salads..but do try the blue cabbage salad ..it is infectiously yum.

bento cafe

We highly recommend – Prawns in Hot Garlic, Singaporean Chicken Laksa , Crab in garlic chili & Thai Basil

For Vegetarian you can go for Veges with garlic & Thai Basil

bento cafe

bento cafe

Another strong recommendation is to go for the Singapore Puff – Veggie Rendang, & Thai Herbs & Chicken. The puff had a nice crispy exterior not very hard and not very soft, just the right crispiness with a filling of diced Chicken sauteed in Thai herbs.  I did not try the vegetarian but it is surely worth a shot. Do try this in addition to your Bento.

bento cafe bento cafe bento cafe bento cafe bento cafe bento cafe

Like I said before the staff of The Bento Cafe are extremely happy, chirpy with bright uniforms that immediately has a “happy ” effect on the customers. Individual attention is given to each person who visits the counter and the detailing and presentation is definitely notice-worthy.

Another important aspect that I loved about The Bento Cafe were the portions. The Bento Box surely does justice to your appetite as the helpings were enormous. The box can easily feed two stomachs! Impressive.

For the very first time, Sweets & Desserts section in a Chinese outlet has won my taste and for good! You must definitely order Tempura Fried ice-cream with profiterole.  First-of-its-kind, this dessert has everything to be savoured and is a must eat.

We had lots of fun interacting with The Bento Cafe team… and you will surely enjoy the food.