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Playboy Cafe opens in Gurugram – The Bunny is in town

Food review of Playboy cafe

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Not many names ring a bell as the very famous PlayBoy Clubs does… Having been in existence for so many years, they have been ruling and pulling visitors just by their brand name. Keeping the image and expectations intact, we made that trip to Gurgaon for the exclusive preview of the first-ever PlayBoy Cafe in this part of the world.

Gurgaon people go grab your seats now…If you think that the Bunny girls are going to welcome you…well you are so damn mistaken!…Sorry to burst the bubble…but I am told by a birdie that you will meet one of the PlayBoy models sometime soon and if you are lucky you might bump into her in the Gurgaon cafe. The bunny is here so you will be happy to see nice classy decor spread across 3 floors with room to dine, wine and have loads and loads of fun! Say Cheers, as PlayBoy Cafe opens in Gurgaon!

Playboy cafePlay boy


Playboy cafe

After soaking in the ambience and great music placed our order for drinks and starters. A special menu was designed for the launch. The drinks menu had some unique names thrown in that were simply fabulous both in terms of presentation and taste. We had a Vodka Chaii, PlayBoy LIIT, Herbed Guava Mocktail… must say the bartenders were pretty quick in making the drinks. Just to be on a safe side avoid shakes here…it is a no-brainer but people do make mistakes while ordering…ya? So you can thank me later!

Playboy cafe

Playboy cafe

Playboy cafe Playboy cafe

Tried nearly everything in starters category like – the crispy Nachos topped with Garbanzo (a must if you are a nacho fan) Blue Cheese Yogurt Kebab (no way!!), Southern Style Mushroom (o yes..for all vege friends), Fritto Mistto (am in love with fish so yes ordered 2 of these), Keema Ghotala (absolute must try for Indian taste buds), Green Eggs Benedict (not sure as I did not like the presentation and am not an egg fan..so missed it), Spinach & Corn Dimsum (these were super yum), Thai Maggi (well I like Maggi without any additions so nay), Thai Rice & Chicken Dumpling (finger-licking good).

Playboy cafePlayboy cafe Playboy cafe Playboy cafe Playboy cafe Playboy cafePlayboy cafe

After trying and tasting all the above, my stomach had given up but my intent as a foodie was still looking forward to the main course…So, like I always focus on seafood ..had a plateful of grilled fish with rice…Gave Spaghetti pasta with Bolognese Lamb a miss as I am tired eating this unhealthy stuff…really! Then came to our table – Duo of chicken. Loved it totally! Saved some space for desserts …Indulge yourself with some really dense Tiramisu and chocolate Decadence. I was so so happy having my full and scraped the last bit of chocolate and tiramisu from the dish.

Playboy cafe

My verdict..PlayBoy Cafe is a must if you love food, classy decor, huge stylish seating area, an open pizzeria and bar and great food with elaborate presentation. I loved this place.