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Tribe Brunch and Bar is a Breezy and Tasty experience

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Beautiful breezy weather and a hankering for some incredible food pulled us to this unique restaurant called Tribe Brunch and Bar located in Vasant Kunj. Being food bloggers, we totally love to visit new & old joints and dig into the taste and decor of unusual places like this. Through our experiences, we give you a peek into the flavour of cuisines and ambience that they offer.

The Tribe Brunch and Bar is a fun and vibrant place to tantalize your taste buds with some really good African cuisine!

The part open-part closed decor of the Tribe Brunch and Bar is inviting and has this strong African influence that stretches far beyond our boundaries.  The local music, heavy ornaments on the wall & the gate gives you a feel of African culture as it sits cheek by jowl with curious ancient traditions.

Tribe Brunch and Bar

Tribe Brunch and Bar

The place intrigued our team so much that we were looking forward to meeting Chef Vijay to learn about the dishes and what’s in store for us… As we reached we were ushered to Tribe bar and lounge area where we had their soulful Sangria and Tribe special Mohito, to begin with… Some of the must-try drinks are Cinderella, Italian Smooch & Fresh apple Soda.

Tribe Brunch and Bar

Samplers spread were – Corn & Jalapeno Cigar Rolls, Red Snapper Skewer, Cottage cheese skewer and Zulu Tribe Chicken Skewer. They were so tender and delicious as it was a mouthful of flavours so rich with overpowering tastes of herbs that kicked started our appetite for the main course.

Tribe Brunch and Bar Tribe Brunch and Bar Tribe Brunch and Bar

The Main Course had some really good options – You could choose some really tempting pizzas but we went for the following…

Roasted Ricotta field mushrooms and Spring chicken. Chef Vijay floored us with his very interesting presentation. The open kitchen was quite a delight to see him in action on the other side too!

Tribe Brunch and Bar

Dessert is always the best part of the meal as we always keep a tiny winy part empty to savour it. We ordered ourselves ever tempting Rum Mousse cake and the Traditional New York cheesecake which was nothing but awesome!

This place does not use any chemically processed ingredients and everything is marinated well. They use only herbs and other natural ingredients in their cooking. Also, everything is made fresh when the order is placed. Each dish is served with bread, dips and some vegetables, making each course a meal in itself.

Meal for two would be approx Rs 3500/-

Tribe Brunch and Bar