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Mumbai Matinee is a filmy experience

Great ambience, food and scenic beauty. Get Nostalgic with old filmy tracks

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Mumbai Matinee Mumbai Matinee If you want to sell anything in India…add a flavour of Bollywood or sprinkle a dash of Cricket in it… I am sure you will sell like hotcakes!

Especially when it comes to food, restaurateurs have been experimenting and the Bollywood theme is catching fire! Having said that if you are a real “film addict” or a sucker for anything filmy, this place is definitely a ‘must visit’. Being in business and getting swooned over by the public in their Noida restaurant, Mumbai Matinee opens up a brand new restaurant in the busy streets of Shahpur Jat.

Mumbai Matinee

It was a rainy day and just the perfect weather to go all mushy and sing Bollywood songs… I was invited for a food review here…it was, a toughie to park my car in those narrow jat-land streets but I was so pleasantly surprised to see this restaurant uniquely placed right in front of Tohfe Wala Gumbad. Let me tell you if you have Bollywood running in your blood, you will just fall in love with the detailing the owners have done to make this place so unique and interesting.

Mumbai Matinee

A narrow red curvy ladder takes you up to a part open and part closed outlet with familiar celebrities gazing at you. You will find audio cassettes (that you rarely see in this digital age) neatly decorated around the staircase, walk very carefully especially in monsoons as you might just have to sing “Kahin hum gir na pade” if you miss a step!

Mumbai Matinee

The open eating area is interestingly decorated with inverted umbrellas and bright red walls. Walk into the outlet and you will hear the chart-busters and tracks that will take you to the 90’s and 80’s era. Beautifully preserved posters and artefacts and paintings will keep you engrossed. And then you will be handed over a menu which looks like an afternoon daily newspaper.

I loved meeting Co-owner Seep Gambhir who is a Bollywood addict and talked incessantly about her collectables and picture cuttings which she integrated into the decor of this place. You will find table tops dedicated to actors and actresses who played a supporting role in movies and you recognise them by their face but have never bothered to know their names.

After the heavy dose of entertainment, let’s talk about food. The menu is all Mexican and has variations for footlongs, pasta, sandwiches and burgers. We suggest going for Savouries and Mumbai Matinee Special which teleport you straight into the set of a Hindi movie. From Bun Makhan with Cutting Chai to Masal cheese toasties, Missel Pau and Keema Kulcha, we tasted all these snacks. Incidentally, they were befitting the weather and the bollywoodesque theme of the restaurant.

In the main course, we opted for Chimichanga and Quesadillas, Grilled Fish with Butter garlic sauce and some Chicken Steaks. Food was good but not fabulous. Service was good as I was visiting during the evening hour. The place is packed in late evenings as per Seep Gambhir as this place is frequented by young crowd and the best part is you can come and chill in this restaurant till 2 am. Nice na!

Mumbai Matinee

Mumbai Matinee

Mumbai Matinee

Overall the look, feel and decor of Mumbai Matinee get wholesome thumbs up from us. Go for the ambience, the decor and scenic beauty and chill with your friends with Nostalgic filmy tracks & sheesha. They do not serve alcohol but have a nice selection of mocktails, drinks and shakes.