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The Barcelos Red Burger is a big messy and gorgeous affair

The Barcelos Red Burger is a messy and gorgeous affair

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Unique as it sounds, Barcelos has consistently surprised us with its gourmet creations. There is a lot of drama on their menu, there is the Black Burger but we are talking about Barcelos Red Burger in this article.

The Barcelos Red Burger reminds me of this quote – “It only seems impossible till it is done” — Nelson Mandela

Barcelos Red Burger

It is gorgeous, it is huge and it is messy. Just the way I like it, both hands wrapped around the burger and teeth sunk into the patty.

Barcelos Red Burger

The Barcelos Red Burger is available in three variants – Bloody Red (veg) priced at Rs 175, RedHotie (chicken) priced at Rs 215 and Red Meaty (mutton) priced at Rs 295. These messy burgers are the completed burger with the red patty that literally freaks you out. When asked about the ingredients, you breathe a sigh of relief when they say tomato powder and chilli flakes but what is insane and unbelievable is when we found a veg burger which was potato free. When we heard the ingredients of the red veg burger patty – Beetroot and chickpeas, we instantly turned it down (being strictly non-vegetarian); but something deep down made us order and there you go… surprise surprise – Bloody Red veg burger was one of the tastiest veg burgers we have ever had!

Barcelos Red Burger

Bite into soft, juicy mutton burger..take some time to enjoy the meat. Dip into their range of angry peri peri sauces to give that zing and spice to your meal. Do not forget to take a drink …we chose Hey Rosey to go with our burgers.

Barcelos Red Burger

I was not a fan of the Red Hottie (Chicken burger) but it is a treat to all the traditional burger aficionados. So what are you waiting for? Go grab your burger and enjoy its juices in between your fingers!

Barcelos Red Burger Barcelos Red Burger