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Food review of Mad Batter

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We at YB Here love to indulge and this week was all about madness…This home bakery creates beautiful, out-of- the-box flavours of cakes, biscuits, cupcakes, chocolates and cookies, and all that in eggless form. Can you believe it? Being a hardcore non-vegetarian – I have never ever believed in tasting vegetarian cakes or bakes. I think it is all in the mind. But you see this home baker has magically transformed my opinion. We received a whole lot of these desserts from Sanjana who makes these egg-less yummies under the brand name – MAD BATTER.

Something so delicious coming from her oven and flavours that was so new and unheard of like Spiced Rum, Hazelnut delights, Bailey’s cupcakes and lots more!

Mad Batter

Mad Batter

Digging into these egg-less creations we had a long interaction with Sanjana (the brains behind Mad Batter) as she also specialises in creating amazing fondant cakes. Recently she created a new sweet treat for her customer. It is called the ‘Peanut Butter Biskie’, that prides itself on the combination of the best bits of a cookie, cake and a biscuit. With two cookies as outer biscuits, the Biskie is layered with buttercream, homemade caramel, jams or other delights! With the goodness of peanut butter chocolate chip cookie with chocolate peanut butter icing and topped with a homemade peanut butter cup. Beautiful as it looks it tasted just as divine!

Mad Batter

My favourites from the Mad Batter goodie bag of delights were Oreo Cheesecake jar, Spiced Rum Jar, Baileys & After Eight Cupcakes which I literally gobbled up without sharing with anybody…These pretty After 8 cupcakes were something I could not get over with. The Hazelnut Delight was a little diverse from the lot but none the less it was ambrosial. The chocolate sponge with buttercream spiked with Bailey’s and chocolate was a match made in heaven, and this cake rightly showcases that. I could actually taste the strong flavour of the liquor but it blended very well with the flavour of the cake and was absolutely delicious spiced rum jar. The amount of rum was definitely high and I could feel it at every bite. But we loved indulging into them and we loved how it tasted. It was super yummy.

Not compromising on the softness quotient, Mad Batter creates beautiful desserts as I just simply cannot pull it out of my mind…Sitting pretty in my fridge these desserts kept staring at me and I did not leave a single crumb of these treats that were specially sent to us.

The drool-worthy jars were so creamy and soft that once you begin savouring them…I bet you cannot stop. The Red velvet jar looked nice and tasty. Coming down to brownies & muffins the most promising of the lot was the sugarless banana choco-chip almond muffin & the whole wheat oats choco-chip brownie. Wonderfully made. the muffin was a little tough in texture but tasted good. The brownie which is supposed to be made with all healthy ingredients instantly lifted my mood and I was all happy. I think if this is what healthy food tastes like then I am going on a diet right away.

Mad Batter

These dark and moist bakes with lovely creamy layers were just fabulous. Please reach out to Sanjana for all you eggless orders and I am surely going to call her for her dessert jars..they were super!