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5 romantic monsoon desserts to share with Loved-ones

Romantic monsoon desserts

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Okay! I don’t understand why, but, love and romance always have something with sweets. I don’t know if I am sounding unromantic but it is true. Apart from my opinion here we are, writing for all the lovebirds out there, the special 5 romantic monsoon desserts.
YB Here has brought to you a list of some lovely sweet dishes to have with your beloved in order to make the others feel that ‘Love is in the air’ and love is sweet. We know a lot more can happen over coffee but do you know what else can over delectable desserts?
Check out some of our teams personal favourite desserts to binge upon for this love season.

Chocolate Mousse

5 romantic monsoon desserts

One of my favourite from this list of 5 romantic monsoon desserts is the Chocolate Mousse. Chocolate is loved by many but all never goes down the line of the desserts. And one of them is the chocolate mousse. The season monsoon never forgets to enthusiast everybody for the chocolate so what is needed other than the pure dark chocolate caramelised in a mousse!

Fruit Custard

5 romantic monsoon desserts

Fruits being the best options to have daily can be accommodated with the fruit custard. It is simple, tasty, relatively healthier option with the vanilla blast. In this way, we can have a variety of fruits like pomegranate, apple, banana and a lot more.

Strawberry Soufflé

5 romantic monsoon desserts

Start your conversation with your dear one over a cup of strawberry soufflé. Strawberries are rich in fibres and vitamins, exposes its richness in its soufflé form. A simple light dessert fitting to every ending meal can be great accompanists at nights.

Fruit Cream

5 romantic monsoon desserts

Fruit creams are an assortment of colourful fruits and cream boosts up the energy contents. Simple and lightweight can no less than be full of admirers. It’s a great dessert for the monsoon and summer days.

Ice Cream

5 romantic monsoon desserts

Chilled flavoured mouth melting ice-creams are relatively everybody’s favourite whether it is a child or a grown-up man. A riff on an Indian kulfi tastes no less than great.

We tried to keep it simple and classic, tell us your personal favourites in order to make it a better experience, share with us in our comments section below.

Happy Bingeing!