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7 Starters best with Drinks. Happy Hours.

Here are 7 starters for the Happy Hours

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It is our constant effort here at YBhere to bring something for everyone. Thus, during one of our brainstorming sessions, this idea popped into our heads, that how people generally eat ‘Chakna’ with their booze. And, we set out to find out the best dishes that go well with your booze. So, here are 7 Starters best with Drinks!

Bhutte Da Kebab

So, the first of the 7 Starters best with Drinks is Crushed corn with the extensive flavour of black pepper fills the room with the aroma aka, Bhutte Da Kebab. Its an all-time must have a dish with a mug of beer or white wine. Healthy and mouthwatering food comes with a variety of vegetables.

Soya Malai Chaap

No one can beat the creamy soya chaap or soya malai chaap. Onions and garlic add an extra taste to this very popular and special soya chaap. It goes well with your party mood or you can have it with your loved ones. Having this on your platter will surely make your day, so don’t miss any excuse to have this wonderful dish.

Starters best with drinks

Tandoori Momos

The first thing that comes to mind whenever we recall momos is tandoori. So yummy, right? That’s why it made this list of 7 Starters best with Drinks. An ultimate snack which can make you go to heaven with the Indian tadka in it is no less than great.

Starters best with drinks

Chilli Potato

Special offer of spice and beer can be perfectly related to chilli potato and beer. Perfect for friendly hangouts especially when people and atmosphere around you is energetic. Deep fried potatoes with red chilli sauce are much popular among the youths. It is as tasty as it looks…so don’t waste time to grab a bite.

Starters best with drinks

Stuffed Chicken

In the breezy season of monsoon, stuffed chicken on your dish with a chilled beer in hand will surely complete your ‘hangout goals’. Chicken with beer is like adding the cherry on the cake. You can stuff paneer or some salad in chicken to make it more mouth-watering.

Starters best with drinks

Mutton Seekh Kebab

Mutton seekh kebab is a non-vegetarian starter commonly enjoyed as a side-dish in India. The garam masala present in this dish will provide you with a heavenly flavour when tasted with whisky. So, take a break and enjoy the tenderness of Mutton seekh kebab with some malt whisky.

Starters best with drinks

Chicken Seekh Kebab

Chicken Seekh Kebab goes with anything but a chilled beer is like a ‘Jai-Veeru’ combo. Had a stressful day or want to enjoy with friends? Chicken seekh kebab with beer will refresh your mood for sure. So, if you want to wake up your taste buds you need to try this combination.Starters best with drinks